Road Trip Eating

We are currently driving to Door County in Wisconsin! We are having a mini vacation there, first one with Sammy! I’ll sure to post  about the adventures from this weekend. We had to stop for lunch. We wanted a quicker lunch so that we could get to Door County in the afternoon still. 

We were driving on the highway and looking at the road signs to see what restaurants were off the exit. We saw Panera Bread and thought that was probably our healthiest option. 

I got my favorite, half a Greek salad and half a bowl of the broccoli cheddar soup, YUM!! Alex had a harder time finding something that fit into the diet. That started our conversation about perceived health in the United States. 

You always see advertisements for less fat, low calorie, or low carb, but heart health is often not mentioned. The amount of sodium in everything is truly unbelievable. I never realized how much we Americans love our salt. I knew fried food was a problem but sodium is even in things that seem “healthy”. 

There was a line when ordering, so Alex didn’t get the nutrion facts pamphlet. He got what sounded the healthiest. Apparently that wasn’t the smartest idea… you live and learn right?! 

He ended up getting the half strawberry poppyseed with chicken salad and the half roasted turkey, apple & cheddar on cranberry walnut miche sandwich. That’s a mouth full!

As a side note, it can be hard to find the nutrition facts on the restaurant’s website. We found it easier to just Google “restaurants name nutrition facts” and it will come up right away. Click here for Panera Bread’s nutrition facts. 

The salad only had 140 mg of sodium, so not bad at all! The sandwich, however, was not so good. It had 640 mg of sodium! And that was just a half sandwich! This sandwich was low calorie so it would seem really healthy. He originally was going to have a full sandwich and no salad but changed his mind thankfully. 

The reason why it had so much salt is because it had this coleslaw on it, which was not mentioned in the sandwiches name. That’s why, my friends, you can’t just go off the name when ordering. 

I ended up eating half of his sandwich so he had 320 mg of sodium on the sandwich and 140 mg of sodium on the salad. Plus the 440 mg of sodium in that small baguette! So 800 mg of sodium in the entire meal! 

We will be smarter for the rest of the trip! Going out to eat has been the hardest thing for us so far. We didn’t realize how much hidden sodium is in everything. Don’t let names fool you, look at the actual numbers before deciding! Please comment on what the hardest challenge you have had on this diet, or any other diets you’ve tried. We would like to know what the common struggles are for everyone so we know what to keep an eye out for. 

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