Our Vacation in Door County

My little family and I were just on vacation. We went to the beautiful Door County in Wisconsin. This was my husband’s (Alex) first time. I went a few times as a young child with my dad, but just have a few memories of it. I think I was under 10 years old each time. This was my son’s first vacation as well!

If you never been I highly recommend it! Great views, great food, and great wine! What more can a girl ask for!

Here’s Alex and Sammy enjoying the view in Baileys Harbor. This was our first stop because Alex wanted to check out Door County Brewing Co. Worth the stop! I would recommend their Big Sister witbier. A great summer beer especially by the water.


Lately Alex and have been getting one beer flight to split. They come with anywhere from 3-10 little tasters. You get to try a bunch of beer without getting completely drunk. It’s perfect for a breastfeeding mom and a dad on a diet. We probably had a little less than 1 beer total since we split the flight.

We actually stayed in Sisters Bay, which is on the other side of the peninsula. We stayed at the Nordic Lodge. A little cozy hotel, with a swimming pool, the nicest staff, great cherry coffee in the lobby, and a small but filling continental breakfast! Since we had Sammy, the staff would always stop us to say hi to him! Nothing stops people like a baby!

We found that Door county is a great place for someone on the Mediterranean Diet. Fish is often the center of meals, a glass of wine with dinner is encouraged, and you get plenty of exercise just by walking around the small towns.

Our first dinner was at an outdoor restaurant called Fred and Fuzzy’s Waterfront Bar and Grill. We wanted to eat our first dinner by the open water and this place delivered on that!

We both got fish sandwiches for dinner. Alex got the salmon burger with sweet potato fries and I got the grilled whitefish bay fillet with chips. This light and delicious Coleslaw was also a side for both.

(Please excuse my terrible picture of the food! I was so hungry at this point that I took these pictures as fast as I could!)

When ordering, Alex told them no extra salt. The sweet potato fries were the healthiest option for a side sadly. We were hoping a side salad would have been an option but no such luck! Luckily the fries weren’t greasy at all!

This was Alex’s first experience with a salmon burger. He was craving a real burger and thought he would be disappointed. He found this salmon burger to be extremely delicious! The fish tasted very fresh and the fresh herbs mixed in boosted that flavor even more!

Although we didn’t know how much salt was truly in the dish, we went for the healthiest option. Becoming more conscious about what type of food you are eating is the biggest part for the Mediterranean diet. Trying to chose the healthier option and understanding what is in your food is the key. Some days you might not be able to eat perfectly healthy or follow the diet to a T and that’s okay. Making better decisions is the most you can do!

The next few days went by quickly it seemed. We went hiking at Pennisula State Park and had a picnic at the beach afterwards.

We went on a scenic guided tour with Door County Trolley. Highly recommend this! Our guide was pack full of information! Found out that Door County got its name by being called deaths door in the past. Apparently traveling by water to get here is no easy task! They have various types of tours including a wine tour and a ghost tour, both of which I plan to do in the future.

At last, the vacation had to end… before leaving we had to check out a winery! We went to Lautenbach’s. We went on a little tour and got to taste their fabulous wines and treats! We missed the cherry picking season though so next year we will have to go back early.

Remember, the Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle change. Going on vacation taught us that it can be difficult to meet the diet’s needs when away from home. Eating out can be a challenge. But you just need to relax, choose the best options available, and always enjoy a glass of wine with dinner!

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