Family Meal Time

One of the things I love about the Mediterranean Diet is the focus of eating together and making it a social gathering. Before, alex and I usually ate dinner in our living room, in front of the TV. It was nice because we would get caught up on our shows. However, we would barely speak to each other during that time. We would quickly eat our meals in silence then watch our show and sometimes discuss what happened on the show. Our kitchen table was only be used to hold our mail and other random things we did not have a place for.

Since starting the diet we realized how important meal time together is. Having conversations while eating makes you slow down. Eating more slowly helps you realize when you are actually full. I look forward to dinner now just so we have the time to talk about our days and laugh at our son being a goof during dinner. He is still learning the ins and outs of eating, so food usually ends up all over himself and the floor!

Recently though the busy American lifestyle has creeped into our home. It seems like one of us either missing dinner or has to eat quickly to get to leave for some type of meeting. Our kitchen table has filled up with papers so we have started eating our kitchen island instead. I’ve been trying to think of solutions to avoid this new normal. Short of cancelling all extra things after, I’m not sure of what our solution would be. So I’m seeking help! What are some ways you have found that makes meal time with family possible?

One thought on “Family Meal Time

  1. Cassi, I think about how busy your life is right now. Working full time, being a mom and wife, and working on your master’s degree is a platefull without adding anything else. Whatever else you want to do may have to take a backseat for now. Being rushed and trying to do too much will lead to health problems. That’s the last thing you need right now. Stay strong.


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