How to make Kale taste good

Kale, the superfood. We have all heard of why it is so good for you, so I ask, why doesn’t it taste as good as it is for you! I mean, look at other superfoods. Sweet potatoes, delicious! Strawberries and blueberries, amazing! Even most people will agree broccoli is better (I’m rare and have always loved broccoli). Alex and I decided to find recipes that actually make Kale taste good! A challenge indeed. Today I present to you kale as a side dish and kale as the main event.

Kale Chips

This is actually Alex’s recipe! He does enjoy cooking once in awhile. Wait until I share his beer bread recipe, you will be shocked by how good and healthy that is too!

Since this is Alex’s recipe, I’m going to give it in his terms 😆 and also copy a generic recipe I found online.

In his words:

Oven set at 375 degrees. Then you grab a few big hand full of kale and wash it. (the kale we had was precut. If you are using fresh kale, remove leaves from stem and cut into bit size pieces)

Then you spun it, spun it down. (He is referring to the salad spinner).

And sprinkle a little olive oil on it so that it is covered and kinda toss it around. Put it on a cookie sheet.

Then bake it for 10 to 15 minutes until it is crispy. Throw some paprika or whatever you want on it. (I recommend either paprika or garlic powder!) Now eat it!

Here is a recipe for a better idea what to do. Especially if you like more direction while cooking.

We had this a game day side dish while watching the Green Bay Packers, aka the best football team ever! It’s as a little snack instead of chowing down on salty potato chips. We also enjoy these as a side dish whenever we have sandwiches.

Autumn Kale Apple and Quinoa Salad

Find recipe here

 If you are looking for a main dish using kale, look no further! The secret is the dressing. The longer you massage it into the  Kale the better the Kale becomes. The dressing is simply olive oil, lemon juice, honey, and Dijon mustard. Alex use to say he hated mustard. That’s until he tasted other mustards than just the standard yellow. Mustard is one of my go-tos when making homemade dressing. Dijon or whole grain mustard is always in stock! 

The writer of this recipe also is with not liking kale, so if multiple kale haters actually enjoy this dish you know it is good. 

We got the apples for the recipe from a local apple orchard called Door Creek. We go every year, but this year was special because Sammy helped us out! 
Now for the cheese, we actually went with mozzarella. Not for any particular reason than we ran out of all other cheeses 😩 It definitely tasted great with mozzarella still. 

We usually have salad as a main dish once every two weeks for dinner. Usually salads are more of a side dish with our meals though. Salads are great and customizable but having them all the time can be kinda redundant 🙃
There you go! Two recipes to give a try and see if you can handle kale yet! Let me know what you think or if you have any killer kale recipes!