Not just for heart health

It’s true, the only reason my family started the Mediterranean diet is because of my husband’s condition. Heart health has become a number 1 priority in our household. With that being said, there are loads of other advantages to this diet. 

The most obvious is that you will become overall healthier. The American diet is not known for its health benefits. Alex’s cardiologist told us not to stress about totally sticking with the diet because it’s near impossible to do so in America. We tend to like foods sweeter and saltier than other countries, so unless you are exclusively farm to table, you will probably have a few things extra that the diet normally avoids. We have notice our overall health improving though just by making healthier decisions with each meal and snack. 

Weight loss will most likely happen as well. My husband hasn’t completely started his exercise routine yet. In the summer we tend to be more active in general since the weather is so nice! Alex has already lost 20 lbs just by switching his diet! He weighs less now than he did when we were training for our half marathon a few years ago. Part of this diet is plenty of exercise. Once we start hitting up our gym more regular I’m sure he will lose more weight! 

Your energy levels will increase. When you eat a balance diet your energy levels usually increase with that. Harvard medicine has researched the best ways to naturally boost your energy levels. All of their tips are apart of the Mediterranean diet. A balance diet, smaller portion sizes and more frequent meals, and limiting alcohol but still enjoying a drink (or 2 for men) are all key parts to this diet. 

If you are not worried about your heart health yet, but want to live healthier then the Mediterranean diet is for you. It’s not a crash diet, where you will lose weight quickly but then quickly regain it all afterwards. It’s a complete lifestyle change! This means you will only continue to feel better as you continue the diet. Small changes to your overall lifestyle can cause huge improvement if you stay at it! 

My HelloFresh review 

Eating healthy and cooking your meals at home is being popular with my generation. As much as people want to do this, time and knowledge are lacked. Who has time to find healthy recipes, do all the shopping, prep all the food, and make a delicious meal! It seems even more impossible to do fun, creative meals because who wants to buy an entire package of an item when you will only need a teaspoon of it and may never use it again. That’s were these new meal delivery services come into play.

My friend had a free trial to give for HelloFresh and handed it off to me to try. The free trial was for one week and for 2 persons meal. A week is only actually 3 meals. I went on the website and found the week that best fit our diet. They allow you to choose 3 meals out of a menu they generated for that week.

The thing I loved is that it gave the nutrition facts for each meal! It made choosing our week easy. Last night we got our delivery and decided to dive in to our first meal. I loved how they packaged each meal separately. We’ve tried other meal delivery services and they usually just throw all the ingredients in the box together for all the meals. If I’m buying it for convenience then I truly want convenience!

We decided to do the Garlic Lime Chicken.

Now I’m the one who usually cooks. However, while cooking, Sammy became hungry. So I had to sit at the island and breastfeed him and handed Alex the spatula. He wasn’t too excited to do it because he’s not the best cook, but I think it shows how great this service really is for the new cook!

Alex pulled everything out and was a little upset with the waste. Why did they have to individually wrap the corn? Thankfully, their website actually promotes being green and tells you how to recycle each item.

Now I’m not going to go into details on how to make this particular meal since the website gives great details on how to do it. My husband was able to follow it easily. Although, I did have to teach him how to cut an avocado. No easy task when your hands are full and a knife is involved! We survived with no lost fingers.

The salsa we made was the most difficult part. It said mash with a fork after the tomatillos after they cooked. Alex had difficulty mashing the skin of it and it ended up just being random large chunks. Before serving I was able to cut them down into smaller bits, but they could have given more detail in the proper technique of this.

The finish product was delicious though! The best part was the honey jalapeño butter on the corn! We used heart healthy butter alternative and it still tasted great! It was a little sweet and a little spicy. A perfect topping for corn! I’ll probably be doing this to all of the corn I make in the future.

The chicken and salsa was also the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. These had all the ingredients I could easily find at our local grocery store so it’s a meal we can easily make again.

The plus side is that it’s only 140 mg of sodium! The killer though was the fat and saturated fat. 34 g of fat and 11 g of saturated fat. That’s assuming we used regular butter though, so we were able to reduce that by a bit.

Although, I probably won’t be subscribing to this, I would recommend it. If you have a busy life and diet restrictions, this service may be helpful to you. Every week might not fight your needs, but you can easily skip those weeks. I think this would be a great way to help you stick to your diet without spending a lot. It will also teach you knew techniques and recipes to use in future meals. It also helps with serving size control. There is only enough for 2 servings and since they are sending you the ingredients you can’t go over.

Let me know if you have any meal service recommendations other than HelloFresh’s. I would love to give some others a try!